Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ethical Metalsmiths support the Western Shoshone fight to protect Mt. Tenabo

The Western Shoshone of Nevada have been fighting to protect their land for decades. This week the Western Shoshone Defense Project was denied the injunction that they filed against Barrick Mining Corporation (a Canadian company) to stall the construction of what is proposed to be the largest open pit gold mine in the United States. The mine is located on Mt. Tenabo, the sacred mountain of the Western Shoshone. It is from this mountain that the Western Shoshone creation myths come, along with medicinal plants and traditional foods. After taking a look at the information below, let us know if you would buy gold coming from this mine?

Here is a link to the latest news about the Mt. Tenabo case from the "Intercontinental Cry":
"Court Denies Injunction to Protect Mt. Tenabo"

For a bit of history about the Western Shoshone land struggles and gold mining in particular we encourage you to watch the 25 min. "You Tube" clip of the feature length documentary "Our Land, Our Life."

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Ethical Metalsmiths

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